Fishing Holiday

WhiteAcres is a very popular fishery for pleasure anglers, specimen anglers and match anglers! There are 13 lakes to pick from including 2 specimen ones, which are. Pats pool, it has carp from 10lb to 30lb and catfish from 5lb to 68lb and Nelsons that has carp and catfish from 3lb to 40lb and ghost carp that are over 20lb, the best, known to be 27lb. These two lakes are the only ones where 24hr fishing is available.

White Acres is one of the best fisheries in the country and match men are willing to travel from all round the county to fish here.  Matches are held on Mondays ,Wednesday and Thursdays. Thursday being the Rover match. You can either chose to fish  Monday or Wednesday as you cannot do both.  The Monday gold match will cost you £15.00  and you must book in by 1pm on the day before. Wednesday is a silver match and will cost you £10 .00 and again  you must book in by 1pm the day before. Thursday`s marukyu  Rover match cost`s £10 .00  for a senior  with junior and ladies  both costing £5.00 each and every angler who weighs in, receives a prize and again, you must book in by 1pm the day before. Supply of your own keep nets for matches is a must.

White Acres has their own tackle shop which supplies everything for all types of anglers. It opens daily from 8am to 5pm.

As well as the specimen lakes and the weekly matches, White Acres have ten pleasure lakes which are Jenny`s lake providing 52 pegs, Python has 37 pegs,  Pollawyn has 53 pegs, Sycamore has 22 pegs, Eery has 14 pegs, Trelawney has 32 pegs, Canal has 20 pegs, Acorn has 19 pegs and Twin oaks, which is 2 lakes has 36 pegs.  White Acres also have several offsite lakes, one being Bolingey situated about 12 miles away and has 50pegs. It is one of the top ten fisheries in the country because pleasure weights often exceed 100lb and can reach beyond 200lb. The fish range from 1lb- 20lb and because you never know what will hook onto your line, strong tackle is advised. strong tackle will be needed. There are strict rules and you must book early at the tackle shop as it is an extremely popular lake.

Fishing passes must be purchased from the tackle shop for fishing the lakes and matches.